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Our Customer-Focused Approach

Here at Bendac, we are technologists specialising in the world of LED displays. We have spent our careers fine-tuning the art of designing and integrating LED screens into any thinkable application. We have worked with some of the globe's leading brands to deliver LED display solutions that achieved their goals.

From increasing workplace efficiency to boosting revenue generation, our solutions are designed not just to look amazing, but to become assets that deliver for our customers. In order to do this, we work with our clients in a consultative way to ensure we best understand what they are looking to achieve and set out an action plan on how we are going to deliver this for them.

We create this action plan using our extensive experience within the LED display industry to design a solution that will achieve the goals of the client will ensuring the overall solution is as cost-effective as possible. This is imperative as it ensures that the maximum possible ROI is utilised and maintains our strong reputation for delivering the right LED solution, always.

From design, we then manage the manufacturing process with our partners, all of which are leaders in LED display manufacturing and assembly. Our customers are always kept up-to-date throughout the manufacturing process to esnure they are kept in the loop on all developments.

All of our projects come with a managed freight service which ensures the client has no headaches when ordering from Bendac. This means that all of our LED displays are delivered to site with our clients fully briefed on when their delivery is set to arrive.

We hire some of the industries leading installation engineers who are highly personable and laser-focused on creating solutions that our clients will love. They are proud of the work they do and only want to deliver the best LED display solutions for their clients. We also take a professional approach to our commissioning process, through the use of online forms for clients to provide feedback and sign-off on their projects. This is only after extensive training has been provided to their team to ensure they are fully comfortable operating their new LED display. This is an important step to ensure that clients maximise the use of their LED screen without the need for expensive post-installation operating services.

Of course, we provide post-installation maintenance services with our industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs), but we believe in our clients being empowered to be able to operate and manage their LED screen to its maximum potential. All of these steps are what make us at Bendac a highly customer-focused organisation, putting our clients 1st and ensuring that the LED technology and services we provide are second to none.

For more information on how we can assist you on your next LED screen project, make sure you get in touch.

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