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Here at Bendac, we believe we have the right solution for every sector, that is why we have been chosen to deliver projects across a range of industries and use-cases.

For more information on our expert sectors, please see the information below:


Bendac are industry leaders in delivering LED solutions for stadia.


With our experience in providing the highest quality of product, support, and maintenance, you have peace of mind knowing your LED projects are in the right hands.

Our talented team of in-house LED engineers have designed and installed over 50 sports LED displays both in the UK and overseas.


We offer a variety of payment options and include a site survey at no additional charge.


LED Virtual Production

Providing display-only or complete system integrated LED Virtual Production solutions for corporates or cinematic studios.


Bendac combines over 7 years of LED design with a team comprising television, broadcast, and cinematic virtual production experts.


At Bendac, we have an extensive understanding of how to make your corporate environment one to remember through the use of LED.


Our experienced team of highly skilled engineers ensure that your vision is planned, installed, and maintained through our full turnkey solution.


Alongside our first-class products and installation team, we offer a range of payment options, designed to give you flexibility and freedom to pay in the way which best suits your business. 


Leisure & Entertainment

Create visually stunning experiences and awe-inspiring spaces with Bendac LED display solutions.


Whether you’re designing a museum exhibit, visitor centre, cruise ship, cinema, theatre, or any other leisure or entertainment space, Bendac LED has the perfect solutions to bring your vision to life.

Our LED display solutions are designed to provide exceptional quality, energy efficiency, and durability.


With a range of Bendac LED panels available, we can help you create the perfect digital display for any space.


All modern retailers can harness the power of high-quality LED displays with seamless screen-building and impeccable colour accuracy.


Bendac can provide retailers the digital platform they need to better engage with shoppers. 


Utilise flexible digital advertising options and show your products in the best light.



Transform the learning experience with Bendac LED solutions.


No more dark lecture halls…


With Bendac LED you can create a bright and uplifting space more conducive to learning. 


We also offer a range of LED Virtual Production studio solutions perfect for educating the future of film production, broadcast and more. 

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