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Key Features

Pixel Pitch



<8,000 Nits

Refresh Rate


IP Rating


Power Consumption


Get the low down.

IMPAKT is an industry-leading perimeter advertising LED product range, offering impactful visuals with pixel pitches as low as 8mm.

IMPAKT uses the most advanced chips built for LED screens, from the most-innovative chip manufacturers in the industry.

IMPAKT has been created with player safety in mind, this has meant that only the best impact-reducing components have been used to ensure that the safety of players and spectators is protected.

IMPAKT has been designed to perform in some of the harshest conditions, with an IP67 rating allowing it thrive even when the weather is at its worst.

IMPAKT is a highly adaptive platform, that is incredibly easy to use, with Bendac processing built-in. Making it easy for clubs to operate their system without the need for external staff.

IMPAKT is built using the finest electronic components, this means it can achieve super smooth image processing of up to 240 frames per second.

As a result of being built with the best components, IMPAKT is a product that is built to last, with industry-leading warranties of up to 5 years.


Where to find it.

AFC Wimbledon have achieved large ROI by using the IMPAKT range, click the link below to find out more about how they used it.

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