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Key Features

Pixel Pitch



<6,000 Nits

Refresh Rate


IP Rating


Power Consumption


Get the low down.

Versa is a mind-blowing indoor/outdoor LED product range, offering fantastic visuals with pixel pitches as low as 2.5mm.

Our Versa range uses the most advanced chips built for LED screens, from the most-innovative chip manufacturers in the industry.

Versa has been designed to perform in some of the brightest conditions, with peak brightness levels of 6,000 nits.

Versa is a highly adaptive platform, that is incredibly easy to use, with Bendac processing built-in.

Versa is built using the finest electronic components, this means it can achieve super smooth image processing of up to 240 frames per second.

As a result of being built with the best components, Versa is a product that is built to last, with industry-leading warranties of up to 5 years.


Where to find it.

Kennedy Space Center use the Versa throughout their site, click the link below to find out more about how they used it.

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